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ATLANTIC UNION was formed in 1997 by Sally Goddard, Andrew Lang and Scott Schillereff,  who shared
a love for traditional music from both sides of the pond.   Andrew liked bluegrass.  Scott, who played hammered dulcimer and banjo, favoured old timey while Sally, raised in England, was steeped in the folk traditions of Britain.  Together they found tunes that resonated with each of them and developed a repertoire combining Celtic melodies with bluegrass, Appalachian music and other folk styles.  
                                      In  2000 Atlantic Union recorded their debut album with the support of  musician                                           and producer Jim Fidler, who gave his own unique flavour to the mix.   The result                                             was a ground breaking blend of folk styles with eclectic rhythms and sounds.  The
                                      album put Atlantic Union on the map as one of the most innovative local groups.
Dan Rubin joined in 2003, arriving from British Columbia where he was on the go for several decades as
a performer and recording artist.   Scott was leaving for BC at the time, so they did a do-se-do, with Dan joining just as Scott departed. Dan brought with him entirely too many stringed instruments and a love for world music traditions.
                                      In 2004 the band completed their second album, THE WHOLE DANCE, mixing                                                 ballads from the American tradition with brilliant traditional songs and originals                                               written by members of the group.   The album received critical praise, and led to                                             performances on national CBC radio and a showcase at Contact East in PEI.  
After a break of almost a decade and the departure of Andrew Lang,  Atlantic Union was reformed with the addition of Jane Ogilvie, who arrived from New Brunswick, bringing with her a range of new instruments and sounds: Celtic harp, piano and accordion.  Her love for Scottish traditional music and
the gorgeous sound of the harp have further extended the voice of Atlantic Union.
                                      In 2016, after two years of work, the trio released their third album, HOMEWARD,                                         a collection of traditional and original songs about the pull towards home.   With                                           the new CD released, the group is looking forward to regional and international
                                      touring to reach new audiences.
Atlantic Union has just released their fourth recording of new music.
INDULGENCE was a thoroughly collaborative project, for which they
chose nine of their own originals and added five other pieces to
create an arc that stretches from songs that speak about memory
loss, the Battle of the Atlantic and the birth of a new granddaughter
to an ocean flavoured ballad about giant clams.   Check it out!

A Short History of Atlantic Union

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